In the present context of change and global competion, Martínez Nieto, S.A. believes in the innovative company as necessary instrument that can make society effectively move forward toward sustainable development. For this reason, values of corporate social responsibility are added into our daily activity and become natural part of the strategy, culture and organization of the company. This way we try to play a part in improving our society not only at economic, but also at social and environmental level, as an added value of our work in the field of nutrition and health, key areas of our society now and in the future.

Companies, specially those internationally active, are responsible for both the way they carry out their activities and the search for technological solutions making possible the development towards a sustainable society.

Martínez Nieto, S.A., as a response and commitment to the challenges of sustainability, has developed a series of initiatives and activities in this area, adopting solutions aimed at preserving natural resources, minimizing the use of energy and materials for the production of goods ansd services.

The sustainability policy of Martínez Nieto, S.A. can be placed within our commitment in the field of certification and accreditation of activities and premises, production processes of consumer goods, and as a result of those derived from the UN World Pact. The idea is, therefore, to achieve that our products and services contribute to higher levels of sustainability in our planet. Finally, we commit ourselves to searching for and applying the best available technologies that can improve the sustainability of our activities and minimize their impact on the environment.

With its sustainability policy, Martínez Nieto, S.A. boosts a conscious, innovative and committed social and economical development.