We have been manufacturing and distributing natural products since 1968 and our continuous growth in the last 55 years is a confirmation of our founder’s firm commitment to selling effective natural products.

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MARTÍNEZ NIETO, S.A. is nowadays one of the largest producers of nutritional supplements, vitamins, cosmetic and essential oils, and cosmeceuticals in the European Union. The factory is registered and exports to more than 70 countries all around the globe, being present in the most demanding markets. Its international presence is the result of a motivated team, high quality products and competitive prices.

From the beginning of MARTÍNEZ NIETO, S.A. activity, raw material quality and consequently the quality of the finished products HAS ALWAYS BEEN AT THE CORE OF OUR PHILOSOPHY. Confidence in our accredited suppliers has always been excellent, but control is far better than trust.

To be able to check, analyse and assure the quality of our raw materials and finished products in our own laboratory has been a key element in reaching the high quality standards for which we are known in more than 60 countries in which we have permanent distribution networks. We have always made a significant investment in the best analysis equipment, qualified personnel and manufacturing machines. Our quality standards and the quality of our premises surpass by far the most demanding health regulations worldwide. Thanks to it we offer our national and international clients PREMIUM QUALITY PRODUCTS.


MARTÍNEZ NIETO, S.A. has permanent distribution networks for its products in more than 70 countries, being present in the most demanding markets. Its international presence is the result of a challenging team, high quality products and competitive prices.

For an effective collaboration not only quality products and service matter. Our clients expect a fast and attentive reaction to their needs. With our Just in Time System we guarantee the delivery in the shortest possible time in Europe, Asia, America and Africa.


The values of the corporate social responsibility are added to our daily activity and become a natural part of the strategy, culture and organization of MARTÍNEZ NIETO, S.A. In this way, we try to contribute to improve our society not only at an economic level, but also socially and environmentally, as an added value of our work in the field of nutrition and health, key areas of our society.

We adopt solutions oriented to the conservation of natural resources, minimizing the use of energy and materials for the production of goods and services helping to reduce the environmental footprint, as well as waste and emissions.

For this purpose, one of the projects implemented in 2019 was the installation of a solar power system, the largest self-consumption system to date in the Region of Murcia (Spain) at the time of its installation. Thanks to photovoltaic energy with a power produced and consumed of 1,250,000 Kwh/year, the emission of CO2 per year has been reduced by 430 tons, thus decreasing the consumption of Non-Renewable Primary Energy by 36% with up to 3 million Kwh/year.

As a reward for our commitment to environmental quality, the company obtained the ISO 14001:2015 certified, an international standard of environmental management focused on reducing environmental impacts and contributing to the protection of the environment, as well as the Class A Energy Rating Scale in the facilities.