Any company can claim to offer a good product QUALITY, and most of them do so. Nevertheless, few companies in the world can count on the technical means and facilities MARTÍNEZ NIETO S.A. has.

Our committment to higher a product quality is evident when we consider the important investments made in laboratory equipment in the course of these years. In fact, very few manufacturers of food supplements and cosmetics can compare our Quality control system to theirs. With over 400 different products and sales in over 60 countries, Quality guarantee is not only an important issue, but also a key objective in the day-to-day work of our company.

GMPs include a set of measures aimed at certifying the quality of manufacturing processes and laboratory performance.

The investment made in facilities, analysis instruments and technical personnel make it possible to assure key elements in product quality, including identity, purity, power and composition. Martínez Nieto, S.A. puts to test its ingredients and finished products, complying with GMP standards.