Advanced control equipment technology

A technologically-advanced, in-house quality control lab allows QC personnel to provide a proper quality control in a timely way. At present, the laboratory is equipped according to European standards and those of the Spanish Ministry of Health.

The quality of products is guaranteed by means of the individualized inspection of raw materials, finished products and packing materials, testing identity and efficiency and carrying out microbial, organoleptic, and contamination analyses. Each type of test is important when manufacturing our quality products, but specially microbial analysis is critical to guarantee that products are safe and free of microbiological contamination.

The cornerstone of our Quality Guarantee program is our ample set of complex analysis instruments, that can compete with that of a lot of medicine laboratories and it is far more thorough than that of the majority of other manufacturers of food supplements in Spain, Europe and the world.

We work with an Advanced technology control equipment such UV TLC Visualization, Laminar flow microbiological safety cabinet, High Pressure Liquid Chromatography, Incubation oven, Stability chamber, Gas Chromatography, Sterilization oven, Atomic Absorption, UV-Visible spectrophotometer, etc.