Martinez Nieto, S.A. offers a full service contract manufacturing of vitamins and dietary supplements, assisting our customers in all aspects until launching the products to the market, from product formation, quality control, packaging design and manufacturing, offering a comprehensive package to the customer.

We have a number of solutions for your business needs. As a reliable vitamin and supplement manufacturer, Martínez Nieto, S.A. is here to help you with the development of your brand and we have an easy and straightforward approach to your private label vitamin requirements.

Many custom formulations are available as liquids and powders. They can be supplied as concentrates, bulk product or finished private label.

Ingredients sourcing


We can rely on a guaranteed supply of quality raw materials directly from the producer. We work hand in hand with our suppliers to have ingredients that meet the needs of our customer. We always chooses the highest quality degree in order to comply with our strict specifications and efficacy standards. We demand non-irradiated, GMO-free and BSE-free, organic and, obviously, pure and effective ingredients.

product development


Our formulas are designed by an expert team of scientists, nutritionists, doctors and food technologists with the aim of ensuring that all ingredients work synergistically. A lot of formulas have been designed to harmonize shapes, possible effects and suggested use of raw materials according to studies carried out by universities and other people.

full regulatory advance


We are prepared to provide our customers with product registration files at national and international levels, adapted to the format and regulations of every country. We also supply monographs and technical documentation elaborated from our professional reports.