We use cookies to facilitate the use of our website. Cookies are small information files that make it possible for us to compare and to understand how users browse our website. This way we can improve consequently the use of the website. The cookies we use store neither any personal information nor any type of data which may be used for the purpose of identifying you. If you do not want cookies to be installed on your computer, please set your internet browser in a way that cookies are deleted from the hard drive of your computer, blocked, or in a way that the computer warns you if cookies are going to be installed. To continue without changes in cookie settings, simply continue browsing the website.
You can obtain more information about cookies and the way they are used at www.aboutcookies.org.

Types of cookies we use:

PERFORMANCE COOKIES: This type of cookies stores your preferences for the use of the tools found in the services. Therefore you needn’t  configure the service every time you visit the website. As an example, the following cookies are included in this group:

  • Volume settings of video or sound players.
  • Those that make the video transmission speed compatible with your browser.
  • Items stored in the shopping baskets of E-commerce services such as online shops.

GEO-LOCATION COOKIES: They are used to found out which country  a user is in when a service is requested. These cookies are completely anonymous and they are only used to adapt the content to the country.

The same way, we use services of external suppliers that install cookies:

Google Analytics for the Analysis of websites: Every time a user enters a service, a tool belonging to a external supplier (Google Analytics) sets an analytical cookie on the user’s computer. This cookie is set in the first visit and will be used in future visits to Martínez Nieto, S.A. website to identify the user anonymously (first party cookies). Their main functions are:

  • The users’ anonymous identification  (The cookie identifies browsers and devices, not people) and therefore counts the number of visits and how long they surf.
  • Identify the most visited contents and therefore the most attractive to users.
  • Find out if the user is a new one or is somebody who visits the web again.

Important: Google Analytics uses only First party cookies, which are asssociated with the domain that generates them, www.martineznieto.com in our case. You can obtain further information at https://www.google.es/intl/es/analytics/privacyoverview.html

How to manage cookies in computers

By surfing and continue in our website you will be accepting the use of cookies under the conditions indicated in this Cookie Policy. Martínez Nieto, S.A. provides access to this Cookie Policy from the moment of registration  with the aim of informing the user without prejudice to the user using his/her right to block, delete or reject the use of cookies any time.

In any case, we would like to inform you that, given the fact that Cookies are not necessary when using our website, you can block them by activating the configuration of your browser and allows you to prevent all cookies or some of them from being installed. The vast majority of search engines warn about the presence of cookies or make it possible to reject them immediately. If you reject them you will be able to continue surfing on our website, although the use of some of our services could be limited and therefore your experience in our website less satisfactory.