Quality packaging solutions.
We offer a wide range of packaging materials.

Jars and capsule and powder containers
Droppers, dispensers and sprays
Vials and liquid monodoses
Droppers, roll-ons and pipettes

MARTÍNEZ NIETO, S.A. studies the most suitable packaging during the phase of product development in order to choose the most effective one for each product while trying it to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

The packaging is the main protection from light, heat, humidity and oxygen. Without a quality packaging that fits each particular product, all efforts to ensure product freshness are bound to fail. Not all packaging are suitable to hold a particular product, some supplements made of vitamins and oils keep their freshness for longer if they are filled into dark glass bottles. The same way, capsule blisters must be sealed hermetically so that no oxygen enters the product.

We appreciate variety is important for our customers which is why there are no limitations on fulfilling your needs. Whatever the batch size, we can provide an efficient, fast and cost-effective solution to your requirements.

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